Daleside Brewery Auld Lang Syne 2013


This is the Vimeo version of the Youtube film I put on the Fell Runners Association web site. Below is a version which can be clicked on and played on this page or there is also a link directly under it (click on SUMO below). This can take you to the higher quality version on my Vimeo page.

This is an on the move record of one of my favourite fell running events of the year, Dave Woodhead’s race Auld Lang Syne. The footage is erratic and all over the place, but I kind of like it, as it represents my memory of it perfectly.

This year was quite a wind-swept rainy affair (again), which only added to the fun of the race. Three of us dressed up in inflatable suits to brave the elements. Andy Holden (aka Sumo & Wharfdale Harrier) and my nephew Thomas Irwin (Sumo Ninja Warrior & Ochill Hill Runner) and myself (Sumo Ninja Warrior number 2 & Horwich RMI Harrier).

Many thanks to Andy for capturing some cracking footage. Namely Toms face plant and my slide. The video wouldn’t be the same without those two scenes.

Also Tim Done for his filming assistance and the marshal for filming us cheering at the top of the fell.

Many thanks also to Dave for putting on this cracking event. Brilliant.

Click SUMO for full HD Vimeo page version.