Moorland Winter Fell Running

So after more edits than you can wave a fell shoe at I’ve eventually finished my, really our, latest film.

As a rule, I tend to film on my own, but I had help from Andy Holden (aka Wharfeego), Pauline Charters, Brian Cunningham and Alex Fowler filming on this project.

The best way of describing what we have here is a collage of fell running film footage, in real time, taken from 2012 and 2013 at the Winter Hill Race.

Darren Holloway features a few times in the film. Daz was aware of my intentions regarding the making of the film and I told him at the Scafell Pike Race in 2012 that he was going to have a starring roll in the finished article. The film is dedicated to him.

As you may or may not know, the Winter Hill Fell Race no longer exists. For more information click HERE

The music was recorded at my friend’s (Mike Bent) studio. I have a drum kit set up there and decided to put a track down. It’s used in its entirety for the third track. The other two tracks have been recorded on a Korg Micro XL. For the drummers out there who have noticed that my track is flawed, I can’t run down hill either, that doesn’t stop me from fell running.

Anyway, hope you like the film and thanks to Wharfy, Pauline, Brian and Alex for giving me a lift with the filming. Oh yeah, and thanks to Collin Jones’s (race organiser) idea of using a few people to do the filming. It really made a difference in acquiring a collage of film footage.



2 thoughts on “Moorland Winter Fell Running

  1. Fab film Mark and the rest of the team. Captures the spirit of fell runners and running brilliantly. Stand out composition for me – 5 runners cross a stone wall in the snow – superb!

    Must hook up soon.



    • Funnily enough my favourite shot isn’t one of mine either. The shot panning up from the snowy ground to the three runners. Glad you like it Dude. f.

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