4 thoughts on “New Dungeon Ghyll 2017

  1. Great photos. Would it be possible for you to send a copy via email or facebook etc (race no 104) ?
    I would happily make a charitable donation…
    Many thanks

    • Kieran, I’m not on Facebook, however I need to get some shots printed. Individuals who appear on my blog get their photo’s for free. I’ll give you the nod in a few weeks when I’ve had them done. From recollection there is another of you too, so I’ll do that as well. Been promising folk for months, but my computer has been down. Were back in buisness. By all means copy the pic off my blog for now and use it as you will.

      Glad you like it.


    • I don’t know how to do that Phil, but I’ll look into it and get it sorted. Glad you like the blog. Cheers, felly.

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