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I work with fell runners who got me into the sport. Joined Preston Harriers shortly after my first race. Now run for Horwich for geographical reasons.

My first ever race was Belmont Winter Hill in 2006. My second was the same race one year later. I wasn’t a vet then but I am now.

As a runner I tend to prefer the short to middle distance races. My favourite races are Ben Nevis, Coniston Old Man, Wasdale Show, Belmont Winter Hill and Great Whernside.

In my spare time I do fell running, still photography and also like making short video films. I’m also a drummer and spend a lot of time surrounded by music. So I find myself in a very fortunate position. I’m able to combine all of my favourite hobbies into one. Each assisting the other.

During bouts of injury I like to film races, edit them and download them to the web.

My intention has been to try and make my films slightly different from each other, experimenting and learning from previous projects. In time I would like to put my own music to the films I make. This will ultimately be percussion/piano based.

In 2010 I became aware that people had their own blogs on the Internet. Copying this idea and setting up this site, I’ve been able to centralise some of my videos in one place and hopefully, in time, expand on a theme.

This site will be predominantly fell/hill running based. However, I do intend having separate sections on the site dedicated to other types of films. Hopefully all within the genre of the great outdoors.

I edit my films on an iMac. Previously the editing had been done on Windows Movie Maker but I upgraded to compensate for HD. The cameras I film with now are a Leica V Lux 2 and a Leica D Lux 5. For extra wide angle film I use a Go Pro Hero HD camera. Before I had HD cameras a Sony DV camera was used.

Hope you like the films. They are made for the runners and anyone else who may appreciate them.

Contact me at fellephant@fellephant.com or on twitter here



18 thoughts on “About fellephant

    • Glad you like it Carlos. Hope things are going well for you. You should come and give me a visit some time here at my Bolton home.

  1. Great to meet you at the start of the masters world mtn race! Love the pictures on your blog.

    • Glad you like it Jason. Your shoes do seem to have the odd staring role here too. Keep up the good work. f.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the time and effort to put the vids together and post them on You Tube where i first came across them.After many years on Tarmac i wanted a change so i decided the best bet into off road was a personal challenge.

    Looking at one clip,i think it was ‘descent from borrowdale’ the scree slopes,low cloud and a bunch of people coming off the mountain top gave me a real buzz. i was instantly hooked.sorry, but dont remember who shot it.I still watch it

    I am the wrong side of fifty but seeing so much stuff on line spurred me on,particularly in the winter when things get cold and wet when folks are tucked up with a cuppa while im slogging over boggy farmland.
    I have since done Cadir Idris 10 miler 3 times lost a stone and gained fitness i havnt seen since i were in my twenties.Most weekends i manage a run over Kinder Scout or Dovedale in the Peak District i cant get enough.Wished id taken Fell Running up years ago.

    • Yes it was Borrowdale Terry, that wasn’t my clip, but it is cracking footage.
      Glad you like the vids and good on you for taking up fell running. Sometimes its not such a bad thing taking it up later in life and at least your doing it, that’s the main thing. The Peak District is made for it.
      Happy running Terry & thanks for getting in contact.

      See you on the fells


  3. Thanks for the heads up on my fitness levels for our up and coming trip . I feel that a 18 stone civil servant / chip butty eater is more than fit enough to cope with a marathon type mountain run. I have heard of nipple rub does this also apply to stomachs. PS Paddy thanks for taking me out of my comfort zone.
    Cheers Pugsley/fat neck/giraffe

    • Get training Pugsley. You can do it. felly (although Paddy to you).
      P.S. 18 stone, you got one foot on the scale?

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