Below is my latest fell running film called Fellraisers. Its been filmed in 1080 HD.

The inspiration for this film came directly from injury. My thought, whilst injured, was to make a film which represented the way I felt during that period, notably the speed in which races come and go when I can’t be in them.

My film Fellbound (published last year and on My Films entry above) was not the prequel to this film even though it was published before. The concept for Fellbound was forged on the back of Fellraisers. A contradiction as it were. Fellbound was also an exercise in making a film without the use of any type of eyepiece or viewfinder.

Fellraisers has been captured on a Leica V Lux 2 camera with the use of a viewfinder, mainly attached to a tripod, either stationary or on the move.

Footage was filmed in 2012\2013 over the period of a year in Wales and England at Foel Fras, y Moelwyn, Ovenden, Barbondale, Great Lakes, Scafell Pike, Great Whernside, Walsh Two Lads, Paddy’s Pole, Crowhill Reverse, Blisco Dash, Borrowdale and Belmont Winter Hill.

I think I had two days where it didn’t rain during filming. It was a nightmare, but ultimately worth it because of the type of footage I acquired.

My intention is to make one more fell running film this year. It will be made from footage taken directly from Winter Hill fell race over the last three races. I will be using my own music again, but unlike my other projects other people have helped with the filming. Alex Fowler, Pauline Charters, Andy Holden (Wharfeego/Sumo Man) and Brian Cunningham have all contributed. Hopefully the film will be put onto DVD and given to the runners at the 2014 race.  I suspect Mr Holden may start his own film making again soon. The return of the mighty Wharfeego.

This next year will also be a return to medium film photography and medium format polaroid photography for me personally. I intend to take this medium out on the fells and photograph accordingly. Hopefully in time I would like to exhibit my photos both here on the internet  and also at a venue at a later date. It would be great if a few of us could get together and exhibit some photos at one of the championship races.