Buckden Pike 2013

Ten photographs by my brother-in-law Andrew Irwin. Click on an image to make it bigger.

Photographs © Andrew Irwin All Rights Reserved 2013.

1. Slippery When Wet.


2. Mark Birbeck (Horwich), Michael McLoughlin (Preston), Darren Fishwick (Chorley and Sandwiched), Thomas Irwin (Ochil Hill Runners) and John Rainford (Preston). 

3. Victoria Wilkinson. 1st Lady. 

4. The Climb Out. 

5. Simon Bailey. 1st Man. 

6. Morgan Donnelly. 2nd Man. 

7. Slipstream 1. 

8. Slipstream 2. 

9. Spot The Moon. 

10. Conducting Beethoven.  


3 thoughts on “Buckden Pike 2013

  1. Could I ask for your permission to use the photo ‘The Climb Out’ as title slide for some talks/presentations I am doing shortly to promote my book [http://itsahill.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/book-talks-schedule-details/]. It is a fantastic photo and has a nice resonance with the book/talk title. It will be credited to yourself as photography on the slide.

    • Not a problem Steve. Make sure you credit it to Andy Irwin though. I didn’t actually take it, I’m in the race. I’ve just rang him up (hes my brother in law) on your behalf and he’s OK with you using it. felly.

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