Tales of a Glass Back

So here I am, sat down less than 24 hours after discharge from Salford Royal. It’s a novelty actually being able to sit down. An MRI scan a few weeks ago at Salford Royal showed that my right L5/S1 disc prolapse is bigger (I’ve had this near on nine years) and pressing on my right S1 root in a significant way. I’ve had all sorts done in the past to reduce this problem area, sometimes intermittently successful, but with my return to fell running being short lived.

The Docs this time seemed concerned that my condition could effect my cauda equina, the thing that controls your water works and other bits down there. The fact that I was in agony generally down my right leg was secondary in their concern.

My own concern, previous to the operation, was that I was unable to walk properly, sleep properly or sit down (dare I mention not being able to fell run). The pain associated with the sciatica I endured was nothing short of mind bending. We wont talk about my catheter experience in A&E due to the impaction I got after taking codeine in the early stages of this latest episode. Well we just did, but for my own dignity (did I just contradict myself) not in detail.


Photo, me in Salford Royal (the lack of exercise transmogrifies me into a mid 1970s Elvis), fourteen hours after surgery. In the back ground is Old Trafford football stadium. Luckily you can’t see it. Unfortunately for me I could and tweeted as much on my twitter page

Now then, why am I writing this? I normally just post vids and say, “there you go another vid”, with a few details thrown in about its making (the Philip Sheridan blog entry being an exception and the odd photo I guess). Well, I got to thinking whilst lay down, all morphined up and comfortably numb, that I wanted to share my intentions with people (maybe I shouldn’t have┬ápulled from Facebook the other week). Yes, I want to get back to fell running, but that’s going to take time. More importantly, I have two film projects I would like to fulfil. One is going to be a film on lady fell runners – women seem to get put to the back of the queue generally, when fell running footage is put on the web. Secondly, I would like to archive the now defunct Belmont Fell Race (I’ve mentioned this before), my first and second fell race respectively, from both a film and history perspective. I think it’s such a shame for an event like that to be grave-yarded. I may even work on others if it turns out OK.

So there you go. See you on the fells camera/lenses/tripod to boot in a few months, then thereafter in a competitive role. Watch your backs.


P.S. Thanks to Daz Kay, my Sis, Andy Holden, Robyn Anderson and Roger Taylor btw who I’ve quizzed about my condition. All have had it (actually not Roger, but he’s endured Robyn’s) and have advised accordingly. A great people gatherer is fell running.

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    • Cheers Al. Your right. Cant wait to get back. Cyclocross bike for training in the environment I love first though.

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