Moorland Winter Fell Running Uncut

This film is slightly different from the one I put on my blog/Twitter earlier this year in February. However, this is the original and I’ve decided to go live with it (2nd December 2014). The reason I decided to edit this version originally was because it has lighting issues which affect the picture quality on some of the scenes. Anyway, to my fell running friends, it’s another version and bollocks to the lighting issues. Looks like I titled it differently as well.

Hope you like it in some way.


3 thoughts on “Moorland Winter Fell Running Uncut

  1. What a fabulous film. Every shot would make a great still photo. Very moving. Stuff the UTMB etc – to me, this is the real deal. Even makes me wish I was getting out in those conditions running with those heroes – though I know I won’t. I am sending links to my French running friends, I think it should blow their minds. Thanks!

  2. Sooooo glad I found this. Beautifuly shot but you don’t need me to tell you that. I love the atmosphere of it (reminiscent of your Ben video a few years back.) It reminds me of a time when I was much fitter and loved the winter season so much. Thank you.

    • Made up you like it Bruce. As you can see it was a combined effort filming this one. Never done that before or since. Great race and great days, filmed over three years during four races. Unfortunately the race no longer stands. Shame.


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