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My father gave me a rack of old cameras and camera accesories a while back, some dating back to the 50s and earlier. Some were in need of a wee bit of a refurb, but with a little help from a camera specialist I’ve been able to bring them back to their former glory.

Below, a Kodak Retina Two rangefinder camera 1954-1956, with accesories including a 35mm, 50mm & 90mm lens.

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kodak 3

My father also gave me some unused films to go with the cameras. These are slightly out of date, as you can see below. December 1956 takes some beating.

films edit

Digital photography has come on in leaps and bounds this last few years. My own preference has been to opt into using Leica digital cameras, namely the D Lux series, V Lux series and the Leica full frame Leica M. I’ve also invested in a Canon G16 specifically for use of video.

I’m keenly into both formats of film and digital photography, however I really like the idea of accumulating negative and positive images from fell races with my collection of film cameras and doing something with the outcome. Taking prints from them and maybe showing them at a race. Who knows?


Photo © Andrew Irwin 2014

My own opinion regarding film is that it makes me wait more for the photo and work more for the shot. A 36 film could possibly last me 4 or 5 races (if I’m that way out). With digital it’s a different story, I become a lazy photographer. Although the potential for photographing every runner is there, the quality of the outcome is questionable.

Anyway, see you on the fells with old film cameras in hands.


P.S.¬†Friend at work gave me this yesterday. Same friend got me into fell running. Some things money can’t buy.


unnamed 6

2 thoughts on “A Project

  1. Lovely post Mark.

    More on the film – digital difference / divide:


    Look forward to your images and films be they film or digital. Craft lies in the eye and hand of the photographer.

    Peace dude : )

    • Thanks so much for the response P. I like what you say about where the craft lies. Peace back D.

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