Dumped by Facebook

It seems Facebook don’t like my name “Fellephant Fellrunner” and as a consequence they have evicted me from their site. I can be contacted either on twitter (fellephant) or through a personal message to fellephant@fellephant.com

I may be being presumptuous in actually assuming people will want to contact me.

Film from Sierre – Zinal 2015 is in the making btw.

unnamed 5

Photo from Sierre – Zinal 2014 © fellephant2015.

4 thoughts on “Dumped by Facebook

  1. We have a year old vizsla dog and several of our (dog’s) friends have been banned from Facebook too

    • Oh dear that’s no good DT.

      I ended up sending them a 40 year old picture of myself with a space helmet on. They asked for proof of my identity.

      As yet my account is still shut down.

  2. One vizsla friend in particular used to post hilarious daily updates, which were a talking point amongst a surprising sphere of friends / followers. They tried hard to re-activate their account with no success at all

  3. I get the feeling I’m not getting back on (probably doing me a favour really). Just need to find out how to stop them sending messages informing me of what everyone is getting up to (via email). It’s a bit bizarre really.

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