Sierre – Zinal 2015

I’ve raced Sierre Zinal before, but decided to enter the tourist version of the event, which starts a few hours before the race.

Ten months after back surgery, with a limp, an extra two stone and an ego which completely underestimated what I’d got into, it was nearly my downfall. I only managed to scrape round in just over eight hours. The cramps I endured were incredible, the first ones starting 7 Km into the route. On finishing the event I found myself wandering around aimlessly in a world of my own, unable to find my hotel, which was situated only a hundred yards or so from the finish line. My head was in bits. I was having an episode.

Never again I told myself. Well, never again in that state. I’ve entered 2016 along with a few friends. Camping this time round too on a three day in and out campaign.

The film footage here captures both walkers and runners. I have put together random footage which may, to some, seem odd. I don’t recall any of this in order when I think about it generally. So in a way, this depicts the way I think about the event.

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