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Here is a list of the books and brochures I’ve collected since I started fell running in 2006. Any advice on books which you think I should add to my collection would be much appreciated.

Yes I know I don’t have Bill Smith’s book. I do know someone, however, who has three signed copies all to himself. Lucky him.

2013 marked the year I tried to compete for The King of the Mountains trophy. Programs are here from both Ben Nevis and Snowdon in that year. Murray Strain took the title in 2013, with me finishing second……………from last overall.

Murray’s combined time for Snowdon, Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike (the races combined for the title) almost equaled my time just for the Ben Nevis race alone. I still live in hope.

P.S. I really like the map, in the Red Guides Lake District book, of the diagram of the panoramic view from the summit of Helvellyn.

* Denotes still currently available to buy.


Front cover              (Book © Ben Nevis Race Association)

img122Rear cover



Front cover                         (Booklet © Charles Steel)

img154Excerpt from The Ben Nevis Race By Charles Steel (click to enlarge)


Front cover                    (Booklet © Eddie Campbell 1983)

img155Rear cover

img156Excerpts x2 taken from Ben Nevis Races 1951-1960 (click to enlarge)



Front cover                         (Booklet © Campbell family)

img136Rear cover

Excerpt  from Eddie Campbell – An appreciation (click to enlarge)



Ben Nevis programs from the years I’ve raced (© Ben Nevis Race Association)

img138img139img140img141                                     (© Locharber Mountain Rescue Team)img144


Alva Games 2013 Program. I did the race in 2014, unfortunately ruined the    program and myself.        (Program © Alva Games)



                Snowdon 2013 Program (Program © Snowdon Mountain Race)



Front cover *

(Booklet © Joss Naylor, Colin Dulson, Andy Ligema, Tommy Orr & Mike Pearson)

img118Rear cover



Front cover * (Book © River Greta Writer, Keith Richardson and Val Corbett)

img175 Rear cover.



Front cover*                            (Book © 2001 P L Watson)

img116Rear cover



Front cover*                       (Book © Richard Askwith 2004)

img170Rear cover



Front cover*                        (Book © Steve Chilton 2013)

img172Inside covers with info about the author and book (click to enlarge)

Rear coverimg173


Front cover*                        (Booklet © 2006 Keven Shevels)

img124Rear cover



Front cover*   (Booklet © The Lake District Mountain Trail association)

img128Rear cover



Front cover*   (Booklet © 2005 Paddy Buckley, Brian Covell, Roger Smith)

img120Rear cover



Front cover                      (Book © Robert Gambles 1975)

img126Rear cover



Front cover                         (Book © GEOGRAPHIA LTD)

img165Excerpt from Lake District Britain’s largest National Park (click to enlarge)



Front cover

img158Excerpt from Red Guide Lake District (click to enlarge)



Front cover*                            (Book © Pete Hawkins)


Rear cover



Front cover*                     (Book © Paul Hannon 1998, 2005)

img132Rear cover



Front cover*                             (Book © Nick Lindsay)

img130Rear cover



Front cover*                             (Booklet © Paul Buttle)

img134Rear cover



The Fell Runners Association Fixtures Calendar & Handbook Covers 2007-2014

                                (Handbooks © The Fell Runners Association)

img146 img147 img148 img149 img150 img151 img152 img153

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